#1 Software platform for tuners

Helping you and your programmers to connect with your customers

Let us explain how we can help you grow your tuning business by automating the boring stuff, so you can focus on what you do best: Supply high quality modified tuning files for your customers!

File-service.com - #1 Software platform for tuners File-service.com - #1 Software platform for tuners
Software platform for tuners
Your customer uploads a tuning file
After registering for an account your customer can buy tuning credits from you. With these credits they can upload their tuning files.
You (or your programmers) modify the supplied tuning file
Don't worry, this still works the way you are used to, with your own tools.
Customer downloads modified tuning file
After modifying and uploading the tuning file the customer receives a notification email that the file is ready for download.
Your customer uploads a tuning file
You (or your programmers) modify the supplied tuning file

Why File-service.com

Find out why many tuners around the world use this platform.

Cloud based platform

No hosting required. We take care of developing, maintaining and hosting your platform. Access from anywhere and 99.9% uptime.


We can customize your tuning platform with your own logo, colors and fonts. It’s also possible to publish the platform on your own domain.

Developed for tuners

File-service.com is developed especially for tuners. Our robust platform is well tested and used by many tuners around the world.

Easy to get started

You can get started in just a few minutes, no technical skills required. Our platform is easy to use for you and your customers.

No hidden fees

You pay a monthly subscription fee and for transferring tuning files you can buy pay-as-you-go credits. The setup fee is just € 195,-

Fast and secure

Our platform is hosted on a fast, secure server located in The Netherlands. Your connection, and those of your customer, are secured using SSL certificates.

What our customers say

"I use the File-service.com platform for some months and I have to agree that it works excellent. I can easily add my own prices, customers etc. No more worries about administration, communication and billing!"
Arjan Bonefaas - ATM-Chiptuning.com
Software developer at ATM-Chiptuning.com
Revlimit OLSX TLD
ATM Chiptuning Balkan
Beek Auto Racing


These are the prices. Fully transparent with no hidden costs.

(Prices do not include VAT if applicable)

Standard package
Instant billing
Complete tuning file database
Manage tuning options
Support ticket system
Sell EVC credits
Customer insights
Custom branding
SSL Protection
€ 50,- / mo. + startup fees € 195,-
Buying credits
In addition to your monthly subscription, every file service you complete for your customers costs one credit. Buy in bulk to save!
50 credits
€ 225,00
100 credits
€ 450,00
€ 350,00
save 22%
500 credits
€ 2.250,00
€ 1.500,00
save 33%
1000 credits
€ 4.500,00
€ 2.750,00
save 39%
2000 credits
€ 9.000,00
€ 4.500,00
save 50%
4000 credits
€ 18.000,00
€ 7.000,00
save 61%

Add-ons for your platform

Your own domain
Use your own domain instead of the file-service.com subdomain
€ 20,- / mo.
Company website
Create your own content pages to convince potential customers
€ 25,- / mo.
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