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#1 Software platform for tuners

Discover how we help you grow your business by automating boring stuff, so you can focus on what you do best: Supply high quality modified tuningfiles for your customers!

We help you and your programmers to connect with your customers.

Using our #1 cloud based B2B software platform for tuners worldwide you can start accepting original tuning files from your customers with ease. Modify them like you always do using your own tools, upload the modified file and we’ll notify the customer. We'll even take care of invoicing.

Benefits for your customers

Your customers can easily buy credits and upload their original tuning files. They have a clear overview of their modified files, support tickets and invoices. Your customers can get started in minutes!

Processing tuning files

Your customers can buy credits and pay directly to you. After purchasing credits they can upload their original tuning files. You'll get a notice to modify the original tuning file. After completion you can send the file back to your customer.

Support tickets

Your customers can open support tickets which are linked to their file service. This way you have all the data right at your fingertips when offering support. You can even attach files within your support conversation to speed up the process.


The platform is available for your customers in English, Italian, French, Chinese (traditional) and Dutch. Looking for another language? Let us know and we can have it translated.

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Set your tuning options

Define the tuning types and related extra options you want to offer. Out of the box we’ll give you a default set, but you can configure it to your liking by adding and removing options. Additionally, customize how much credits each option costs.

Add your customers

You can easily invite your customers to join your company on your own file service platform. Simply point them to the register page and have them fill out one simple form. It's that easy.

NEW: Complete website included

As of February 2018 you can choose to set up a complete website on your own domain to inform your customers about your services.

Testimonial from a customer


Software developer at AP Tuning

I use the platform for some months and I have to agree that it works excellent. I can easily add my own prices, customers etc. No more worries about administration, communication and billing!

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These are the prices. Fully transparent with no hidden costs.
(Prices do not include VAT if applicable)

Standard package
Instant billing
Complete tuningfile database
Manage tuning options
Support ticket system
Sell EVC credits
Customer insights
Custom branding
SSL Protection
€ 50,- / mo. + startup fees € 500,-
Buying credits
In addition to your monthly subscription, every file service you complete for your customers costs one credit. Buy in bulk to save!
50 credits
€ 300,00
100 credits
€ 600,00
€ 500,00
save 16%
500 credits
€ 3000,00
€ 2000,00
save 33%
1000 credits
€ 6000,00
€ 3500,00
save 41%

Add-ons for your platform

Your own domain
Use your own domain instead of the subdomain
€ 50,- / mo.
Company website
Create your own content pages to convince potential customers
€ 50,- / mo.
Company webshop
Sell tools to your tuners
(Coming 2018)
€ 50,- / mo. + 3% commission fee

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